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Ian S. K. Riby (b. London, 2003) is a Swansea based artist primarily engaged with oil painting. Concerned with the illicit communication of personal, anecdotal and biographical narratives of people and places through obscure allegory, his work regularly adopts the rich symbolism of folkloric, occultic and religious belief as a framework for its interpretation. Such practice is intrinsically linked to Riby’s interest in installation as an additive element- through the extended elaboration on his paintings' themes through relevant yet distinct concepts, the artist’s pieces are further mystified and their original aims veiled.

group exhibitions
Swansea Arts Showcase (2024), Volcano Gallery, Swansea
Comma (2024), Swansea College of Art, Swansea
Swansea Open 2024 (2024), Glynn Vivian, Swansea
(2023), Swansea College of Art, Swansea
Elmbridge: Moving Art (2022), Riverhouse Barn, Walton-on-Thames
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